A Home for Serious Music Makers!


1. How are musicians selected to appear on the program?
Musicians appear on Studio Jams by invitation only. They choose to join us, in part, because they understand and support our music education effort. We encourage you to visit their personal web sites (on our Links page) to learn even more about them.

2. Can I suggest musicians that I would like to appear on the program?
Absolutely! We get a lot of great feedback from viewers who love being exposed to fresh, new talent…from all different genres. We try to keep mixing it up for everyone, so please…let us know who you like!

3. How can I appear on the program?
While we will occasionally feature an interested musician who is simply a fan of the program from time to time, most of our guests are people we pro-actively approach. If you would like to introduce yourself to us for possible future consideration, please send a promo package with an audio and/or short visual sample (a current CD or DVD, if you have one) to:

Ace Entertainment, Inc.
Studio Jams – Submissions
PO Box 311
Oreland, PA 19075

4. Where are programs produced?
A lot of our episodes are produced in music recording studios in and around Philadelphia, PA. We also tape in various select studios around the country (USA), and have recently started producing International episodes in select European and Asian markets as well.

5. Can I purchase DVD copies of each episode?
Absolutely. Please visit our Store page to see what is available. You can also make your selection directly from the descriptive page for each individual episode if you like. You will notice that there is special reduced pricing throughout the Store for Studio Jams Music Club members. We also encourage you to visit the web sites of musicians that appear on the show, as many of them have interesting music of their own available as well.

6. Can I purchase mp3 audio downloads of songs from each episode?
Yes, you certainly can. Again, please visit our Store page to see what is available. They too can be selected directly from the descriptive page for each individual episode and have special reduced pricing for Studio Jams Music Club members.

7. Why should I purchase DVDs and/or audio downloads from the Store?
For many reasons. (1) You will have fun, interesting and unique new music for your enjoyment. This material is not available anywhere else. (2) You will be recognizing and supporting our effort to promote each of the musicians who participate in these session. (3) You will be helping to fund our continuing effort to make Studio Jams the most inspiring, educational, and entertaining music program on the scene today.

8. What is the Studio Jams Music Club?
This is fast becoming a vibrant community of musicians, students and general music lovers who support our program. For a modest annual membership fee (made through PayPal from our Store page), Studio Jams Music Club members will receive periodic email updates, special reduced pricing on DVDs and mp3 audio downloads from our Store, access to special music education material, unique sweepstakes and giveaway opportunities, and exclusive opportunities to sample and/or download Bonus Track performances that are not part of any of our episodes.

“I am a huge fan of this show. I have been a musician all my life, but nothing like the artists you feature on this show. All of these artists are the best in the business and an inspiration to all of us to strive to do more. I love the show. Keep up the good work.”

— D.K.