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Hot! JazzAscona Jazz Festival / Ascona, Switzerland

Located on a sunny bay on Lake Maggiorre, Ascona is not only renowned for its JazzAscona Jazz Festival, but it is also one of the most beloved and exclusive vacation spots in Switzerland. The preferred destination of artists, visionaries, and VIPs from all over Europe, Ascona owes its celebrity to the extraordinary scenery of Lake Maggiore, and to its wonderfully pleasant climate. Ascona is an ideal location to relax and a great departure point for excursions on the lake and in the near valleys – the land of wild nature, where rivers are the color of emerald and the old stone villages carry the fascination of times past. All around Ascona and Lake Maggiore, visitors are blessed with beautiful scenic landscapes. The Alps and glaciers are but a few miles away.

Every year, for 10 consecutive days, this charming town plays host to one of the most interesting jazz festivals in all of Europe…The JazzAscona Jazz Festival . Live performances, workshops, and master classes take place everywhere. With a dedicated mission to continually celebrate the all important New Orleans jazz tradition, the JazzAscona Jazz Festival always features an impressive lineup of eclectic International jazz musicians. The JazzAscona Jazz Festival is one of the most prestigious jazz festivals in all of Europe…a “must-see” destination for any serious jazz lover.

“I absolutely LOVE this program! It’s great to see our heroes close up and realize that they are people too…with wrinkles, bad hair, nervousness, etc.”

— N.C.