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Hot! Applied Microphone Technology S15G

For recording acoustic guitar, the producers of Studio Jams strongly recommend you consider the AMT S15G Studio Guitar Microphone. It is an external microphone, and is meant to be used either in a studio setting where close micing of an instrument is desired or in a professional level setting where the “Sound Engineer” needs or wants control of the microphone. For the player that wants control of his or her volume level, the AMT S15G might be a better choice. The AMT S15G is designed to be used with PA equipment at mic level.

The AMT S15G Studio version combines the most natural Cartoid Guitar microphone system on the market with the AMT AP40 floor pre-amp. The AP40 replaces the stock AMT BP40 belt pack pre-amp. The AP40 converts the microphones to low impedance, it regulates the voltage to each microphone, and with certain models creates a specific frequency curve. The curve is necessary on certain models or instruments in order to maintain the most natural reproduction of sound in conjunction with the achieving the most amount of gain before feedback in a live application. The output of the preamp is an XLR Low Impedance balanced output. The output sends signal at Mic Level. The S15G also comes with a cable that disconnects. This cable will allow the player to switch back and forth between the different AMT Preamps as well as convert it to the “W”ireless setup. A purchase comes with microphone, AP40 Floor Preamp with 1 XLR output, and a Hard Shell case.

Go to www.AppliedMicrophone.com to learn more.

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