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Hot! The American Accordionists’ Association Festival, Baltimore (MD), USA

One of the more interesting and niche music festivals that takes place in the United States each year is The American Accordionists’ Association Festival. The festival travels to a different U.S. city each year and offers attendees a full agenda of creative workshops, exhibits and serious competitions – for students of all ages. Plus, there are numerous concert performances (from soloists, ensembles, bands and orchestras) scattered throughout the festival. All in all, it’s a great way to experience and celebrate the illustrious history of the accordion and enjoy listening to some of the finest accordionists in the country. This year the festival travels to Baltimore, MD (USA) from July 11-15, 2012. If you love the sound and history of this magnificent instrument, a trip to experience The American Accordionists’ Association Festival is a must. The AAA was established in 1938 and has an International affiliation with the Confederation Internationale des Accordionistes (CIA).

“I love the show and the very diverse selection of musicians that appear on each episode. You have introduced me to many musicians that I might not have heard otherwise.”

— W.J.