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Hot! You Want To Be A Great Musician?

You want to be a great musician? Sure, those of us that play certainly do. What does it take? Great musicians are also great human beings for starters. Great musicians listen to styles and concepts of music beyond their usual realm which makes them musically versatile. Learning to appreciate the validity in musical styles you don’t personally enjoy is keeping a necessary open mind. I’m not a big fan of opera for example but I certainly respect the craft and the high level technical facility needed to perform the music. Plus, working with like minded musicians helps greatly.

Musicians that share a common interest in advanced development through meaningful interaction and communication. Musicians that love rehearsing and don’t view it as work or find excuses not to do it. Musicians that don’t feel the need to discredit others particularly when their game isn’t on. Constructive, objective, consistent and varied practicing is hugely important. Selflessness. When it’s all about you it will sound all about you. Researching deeply the history of the music you play and the instrument. Living a healthy lifestyle…mind and body. Your physical and mental health play significant roles in how you play music. You should have other passions and creative interests besides music because it strings together creative momentum.

How you live your life will also dictate what kind of musician you will be. Do you party all the time? Drink heavily? Do drugs? Don’t sleep much? Watch mindless TV more than you listen to music? All of it will ultimately assist in telling your musical story, for better or worse. Be thankful for opportunities and not just the ones on your terms or those that only offer you money. Be kind. Did I say something about that practicing thingy? Yes I did. Don’t make excuses when it’s not working for you. Recognize and show appreciation of others that are doing it effectively without envy or insecurity. Friends or strangers.

Having a developed and focused work ethic too is important. It helps to build confidence. Not arrogance. Be versatile and love every part of it and have fun. Being a great musician goes well beyond whatever level you play your instrument. – Jae

“I love the show and the very diverse selection of musicians that appear on each episode. You have introduced me to many musicians that I might not have heard otherwise.”

— W.J.