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Hot! Episode #29

Episode #29

Recording Date: September 14, 2005
Location: World Cafe Live, Philadelphia

Pat Martino – Guitar
Joe Bonamassa – Guitar
Gerald Veasley – Bass
Josh Dion – Drums

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This was another “abnormal” episode for us, in that we again opted to tape this session at World Cafe Live…a first-class concert performance hall and restaurant in Philadelphia, PA. As it is not an actual music recording studio, it is not the ideal set-up for any type of effective multi-track recording. As a result, we had to bring in a small remote audio recording truck to effectively capture what we needed.

One of the things that made this session somewhat unique was that it brought together two diversely different guitar masters…one a relatively young rock and blues icon, the other a seasoned world-class jazz legend. It was an interesting mix of old and new school.

First, there was Joe Bonamassa. As he grows, so does his reputation as being one of the world’s greatest guitar players. He is truly evolving into a charismatic blues-rock star. This was the 2nd time Joe has been on our show. And then there was Pat Martino. Pat is recognized as one of the most exciting and virtuosic guitarists in jazz. With a distinctive, fat sound and gut-wrenching performances, he represents the best not only in jazz, but in music. He truly embodies thoughtful energy. This was Pat’s 2nd appearance on our show as well.

Joe Bonamassa

Pat Martino

Once again, I added my good friend bassist Gerald Veasley into the mix. We have worked together many times, and I know he can comfortably fit into any music performance situation. Drummer Josh Dion was someone I wanted to work with, after receiving a strong recommendation from guitarist Chuck Loeb to do so.  Josh is another “young gun” from North Jersey, so it was not far for him to travel and join us. So that was the “band”…2 guitars, bass and drums. I purposely kept it small so as to maximize what I could pull from both Joe and Pat in the short amount of time that we had together.

They all started the session with a simple Open Jam – one that gave them all an opportunity to get a feel for one another musically. Next, Josh suggested a cover of the Bill Withers classic (‘Till You) Use Me Up, so that he could add his vocals to the effort. Wow…and what a soulful singer he is!

Josh Dion

After that, Pat suggested Miles Davis’ All Blues…which they also beautifully nailed. They ended the short session with a second Open Jam that again provided plenty of space for some impressive solo passages. Due to tight time constraints, we only recorded 1 take for each of these tunes.

What I think I enjoyed best from this session was being able to listen to Joe and Pat interact musically. Their approach was just so different, on many levels, but like true professionals, they found a way to make it work. God…I love this gig!

– Tom Emmi / Producer

“Studio Jams does wonders for the love of this music we call jazz. It puts old and new listeners in touch with what’s going on.”

— B.S.