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Hot! Episode #20

Episode #20

Recording Dates: April 30, 2001, April 12, 2001, September 25, 2003
Location: Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia & Milkboy Recording Studio, Ardmore, PA

Musicians, Episode 6:
Larry Carlton – Guitar
Joey DeFrancesco – Organ
Gerald Veasley – bass
Byron Landham – Drums
Chris Farr – Saxophone
Emedin Rivera – Percussion

Musicians, Episode 10:
Mickey Raphael – Harmonica
Jackie King – Guitar
Bob Miles – Guitar
Billy English – Drums
Bee Spears – Bass
Jay Davidson – Keyboards

Musicians, Episode 11:
Steve Oliver – Guitar, Vocals
Chico Huff – Bass
Rayford Griffin – Drums
Mike Burton – Saxophone
Bobby Lyle – Keyboards
Emedin Rivera – Percussion


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This is our first compilation episode of Studio Jams. It features 3 different sets of musicians from 3 different sessions as they all recorded the Miles Davis classic All Blues. It’s interesting to see the three completely different treatments of this jazz standard.

– Tom Emmi / Producer

“Thank you for such a great, and inspiring show. It is awesome to see some of the world’s best musicians write and play together. The wood shedding is awesome. It inspires me to write more great music.”

— P.W.