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Hot! Episode #18

Episode #18

Recording Dates: April 19, 2003, April 30, 2003
Location: Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia

Joey DeFrancesco – Organ
Richie Cole – Saxophone
Craig Ebner – Guitar
Emedin Rivera – Percussion
Byron Landham – Drums
Chris Farr – Saxophone
Alto Madness Orchestra

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This episode of Studio Jams features highlights from two different sessions. One features alto sax legend Richie Cole with his Alto Madness Orchestra…the other features B3 organ master Joey DeFrancesco, along with a few other A-list musicians.


This is the session that features Richie Cole on saxophone, along with members of his 7-piece Alto Madness Orchestra.

Richie is an American jazz icon. To date, he has recorded over 50 albums and CDs, and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. A prolific composer, Richie also finds time to arrange for full big bands, symphony orchestras and frequent performances at jazz festivals worldwide.

He lives in nearby Trenton, New Jersey so getting him to the studio was easy. Although he was there with his band (something we rarely do), we did so on one condition – that we would tape all of them going through his original charts of tunes that he and the group haven’t played together in a long, long time. That was an easy thing to do because Richie has 3,000+ original charts for big band in his repertoire to choose from!

His Alto Madness Orchestra is really something special. Basically, it’s a 4-piece horn section, plus drums, bass and guitar. And although it’s only a 4-piece horn section, Richie’s arrangements and charts are so tightly written that the sound is always big and fat. If you’re a fan of big band music – with plenty of room for improvisation – then you owe it to yourself to check out Richie Cole’s Alto Madness Orchestra on his website. Very, very impressive.

Very much the professional perfectionist, it was interesting to watch Richie lead his group through the charts.

We taped them as they rehearsed and performed 4 or 5 different tunes, 2 of which made it into this episode of Studio Jams.

Richie Cole



Joey DeFrancesco is no stranger to Studio Jams. I absolutely love it whenever he joins us for these sessions. He is just so musical, and a true master musician. And he seems to be having so much fun when he plays…as if the organ was simply a toy for him to play with. Joining Joey on B3 organ for this session were Craig Ebner on guitar, Byron Landham on drums, Emedin Rivera on percussion and Chris Farr on saxophone – all very seasoned pros as well.

We taped them as they too rehearsed and performed 4 or 5 different tunes. Two of them made it into this episode of Studio Jams.

Joey DeFrancesco

– Tom Emmi / Producer

“The best show on television, hands down. Ridiculous jams get put together. Love it!”

— T.A.