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Here you will find profiles for each of the 50 different episodes of Studio Jams - background information on how it came to be, the musicians involved and the songs they performed. Links are also provided to purchase DVDs and MP3s of your favorite performances.

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    Episode #51

    Featured performers: Ron France, Josh Dion, Mark Doyle, Donald Robinson, Mark Nanni.

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    Episode #52

    Featured performers: Peter White, Michael Cheney, Jae Sinnett, Everette Harp, Gregg Karukas.

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    Episode #53

    Featured performers: Gerald Veasley, Dave Hanlon, Donald Robinson, Mark Nanni, Evan Knight, Andrew Neu, Wendell Sewell.

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    Episode #54

    Featured performers: Rayford Griffin, Leland Sklar, David Garfield, Joe Jewell, Najee

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    Episode #55

    Featured performers: Frank Briggs, Dean Brown, Jimmy Haslip, Philippe Saisse

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    Episode #56

    Featured performers: Gary Stanionis, Jervonny Collier, Otmaro Ruiz, Grant Geissman, Joe Jewell, Elan Trotman

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    Episode #57

    Featured performers: Dave Hanlon, Gerald Veasley, Michael Wolff, Gil Parris, Mark Nanni, Chris Farr

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    Episode #58

    Featured performers: Dave Hanlon, John Viavattine, Donald Robinson, Michael Wolff, Wendell Sewell

  • Episode #59

    Featured performers: Andrew Neu, Jae Sinnett, Jonathan Smith, Jim Holton

  • Episode #60

    Featured performers: Eric Bazilian, Gil Parris, Jason Long, Chico Huff, Henrik Engqvist, Andrew Neu

“This show rocks! I have been an engineer for years and constantly seek shows like yours. It is rare to see a show like this that is brave enough to show the process, instead of using a bunch of editing and special effects to sensationalize and fog the message. Techs and musicians appreciate your work. Keep it real. Thank you.”

— M.M.