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Here you will find profiles for each of the 50 different episodes of Studio Jams - background information on how it came to be, the musicians involved and the songs they performed. Links are also provided to purchase DVDs and MP3s of your favorite performances.

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    Episode #71

    Featured Performers: Janis Siegel, John di Martino, Nanny Assis, Leo Traversa, Jeff Stockham

  • Episode #72

    Featured Performers: Loren Barrigar, Dave Hanlon, Edgar Pagan, Mark Nanni

  • Episode #73

    Featured Performers: Josh Nussbaum, Jonathan Smith, Andrew Neu, Jason Long, Dave Hanlon

  • Hot!

    Episode #74

    Featured Performers: Jon Fishman, Dave Hanlon, Gil Parris, Matt King, Kip Sophos

  • Hot!

    Episode #75

    Featured Performers: Grace Kelly, Chico Huff, Matt King, Tracy Alexander, Kevin Hanson

“Thank you for the wonderful program…where musicians like myself are able to learn and watch great talented players.”

— D.D.