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Here you will find profiles for each of the 50 different episodes of Studio Jams - background information on how it came to be, the musicians involved and the songs they performed. Links are also provided to purchase DVDs and MP3s of your favorite performances.

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    Episode #71

    Featured Performers: Janis Siegel, John di Martino, Nanny Assis, Leo Traversa, Jeff Stockham

  • Episode #72

    Featured Performers: Loren Barrigar, Dave Hanlon, Edgar Pagan, Mark Nanni

  • Episode #73

    Featured Performers: Josh Nussbaum, Jonathan Smith, Andrew Neu, Jason Long, Dave Hanlon

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    Episode #74

    Featured Performers: Jon Fishman, Dave Hanlon, Gil Parris, Matt King, Kip Sophos

  • Hot!

    Episode #75

    Featured Performers: Grace Kelly, Chico Huff, Matt King, Tracy Alexander, Kevin Hanson

“I am glad to see that someone is actually taking the time to showcase true musicianship and showcasing some of the best blues and jazz there is. Thank you Studio Jams.”

— M.S.